Hallie's Story


Hallie Kassandra Geier, our daughter, was born August 18, 1992.  She was a very happy kid. She loved to write, run, act, play, draw, think, imagine, dance, laugh, give, and care.

Hallie died three hours after being accidentally hit by an SUV in 2004 at age 11 3/4.

When we arrived home the day after the accident, we found  her kindergarten notebook on the piano.

On the first page, she had written:

People, be nice to each other. Love, Hallie.

Upstairs, we opened the drawer in which she had been collecting money to help children affected by AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa.

In the coming weeks, we discovered much of the writing and art found in this collection.

Hallie’s vision and ambition are being carried out in part through the LOVE, HALLIE Foundation (lovehallie.org) and it’s youth action division, Hallie’s Angels, whose accomplishments include saving the Agape orphanage in Durban, South Africa, the renovation of what is now called the Hallie Dorm at Kid’s Haven (accomplished in collaboration with Oprah Winfrey).

Other initiatives include Veto the ‘Squito anti-malaria campaign that reached millions of young people and directly resulted in the distribution of bed-nets to more than 20,000 families in Sub-Saharan Africa, and Halliestock a New York City family celebration designed to strengthen communities and the world.

Hallie once wrote, “I could go on for eternity, but I’ll let the universe take care of that.” The words inspired the title of a collection of Hallie's writings and art work which you can see here.

I hope you enjoy the writing, that it makes you smile, and that it reminds you how terrific it is to be alive and how much like Hallie you are.

Ted & Sofia Geier


* LOVE, HALLIE helps young people improve their communities and the world.

* LOVE, HALLIE spreads Hallie Geier’s passion for kindness and positive action.

* LOVE, HALLIE believes young people are natural philanthropists. They are filled with energy, optimism, compassion, and skills to improve their neighborhoods and to help people on the other side of the world. LOVE, HALLIE gives them guidance, ideas, and encouragement to make their unique contributions.

* Through its Hallie's Angels youth action program and free youth philanthropy toolkit, LOVE, HALLIE offers young people the inspiration and practical tools they need to act with kindness and respect, and to improve their communities and the world.

* LOVE, HALLIE helped young people raise funds to rebuild the burned-down Agape Orphanage in South Africa and also raise enough money to provide anti-malarial bed-nets to 20,000 families.

* LOVE, HALLIE worked with Oprah’s Angel Network to renovate Kids Haven, a shelter for abused and abandoned children in South Africa.