Hallie’s 18th Birthday Celebration Concert  

o Hallie’s Song Brothers Adam and Noah performed this original piece written by Adam just days after Hallie’s death.
o Goddess The Comets performed this Chris Owens original piece dedicated to Hallie.
o Can’t Force Me, recited by Rosemary Stuart
o Firefly Wonderings, recited by Judy Levine (who we thank for finding 3 Legged Dog for us!)
o Firefly, an original song by Ted performed by the Comets
o The Path to Nowhere, recited by Jennifer Jimenez
o I Shall Be Released, performed by the Comets with a special verse delivered by Alan Friedman
o The Earth, written by Hallie at age six and performed by seven year-old Omar Ahmed
o I Like Giants, an original song composed and performed by Kimya Dawson 
o Fierce Wonderings, recited by Chris Kunstadter, who also stepped in to take 54 beautiful photos of the evening.
o Come Sail Away, a cover song performed by Hallie’s Comets
o When I Was Younger, recited by Sheila and John Platt
o My Sister, recited by Jeff Shurilla
o Birds, recited by Anna Holbrook
o Letter to Santa (age 11), recited by Michael Arkin
o Today I Went To My Grandparents’ House, recited by Dora Bowman
o I Am At Home, Hallie’s poem, recited by Shana Dowdeswell
o I Am At Home, Hallie’s poem translated to song with music and additional lyrics by Hallie’s official bassist Joe Caputo
o A Growing Hope, recited by Elisa Garcia, who also gets a huge thank-you for coordinating all of the readings that evening
o Flower On The Windowsill, recited by Comet Cohlie Brocato, in between coordinating the video projections, the video shooting, and singing
o Flower On The Windowsill, a song written by Hallie’s Uncle George based on her poem
o Spelling Words, an informal presentation of selected spelling word sentences of Hallie’s presented by Scarlett Ahmed, Michael Arkin, Ted Geier, Anna Holbrook, Sheila Platt, Rosemary Stuart and Amy Hatkoff
o What Three Kids Can Do To Save Animals, recited by Alanna Walsh with moral support from her sister, Lauren, and mother, Gina
o The Animals At Camp, recited by Hallie’s cousin Stephanie Geier
o The Gentle Eyes of A Deer, recited by Amy Hatkoff
o The Phantom, recited by Mallaigh Ashton, who also coordinated admissions with long-time LOVE, HALLIE volunteer Lisa Rosenberg
o The Squirrel Song, written by Mallaigh’s father Tom Ashton and based on Hallie’s essay I Have A Strange Fear of Squirrels
o If Bugs Died Out
o What’s Goin’ On, the Marvin Gaye song performed by Hallie’s Comets and featuring lead vocals by Marcus Tyrrell Smith
o To Do Something Special, recited by Joey DiConcetto
o Get Together, the Youngbloods song performed by Hallie’s Comets with lead vocals by Cohlie Brocato
o The Edge, recited by Ellie Philips
o The Forest Is Rich, recited by Elijah Owens
o Do Americans Have A Responsibility to Aid Poor Countries, recited by Alex Flores
o Walking to Durban, an original song by Ted performed by Hallie’s Comets
o Superheroes, recited by Howard Wieder
o One Super Power, recited by Kimya Dawson, who followed the recitation with a first-time performance of a song she wrote based on that essay
o War Is Something…, recited by Hallie’s cousin Sara Weis, who subsequently posted a beautiful essay addressed to Hallie on in the Memories section
o I’m A Believer, Hallie’s Comets rendition of the Neil Diamond song.
o Me & My Drum, recited by Hallie’s grandparents Joan & Walter Geier
o Opening Night, recited by Kit Flanagan
o Marketplace, recited by Maia McCormick, whose mom, Lisa Remez and dad, Devon McCormick, also attended the event, which Devon also photographed.
o Dancing, an original song by Ted, which he interrupted after the first verse by inviting guests to come up and waltz, which many did
o The Cardinal In Mrs. Scanlon’s Yard, recited by Joe Caputo, Hallie’s Comets bassist who also took charge of arranging the equipment for the Celebration
o Carpe Diem, recited by Sara Garcia
o Carpe Diem, an original song by Ted inspired by Hallie’s poem
o Thankful, recited by M.J.
And, to close the first part of the evening’s festivities:
o Rock & Roll, Hallie’s Comets rendition of the Led Zeppelin classic
o Pablo Das and Kimya Dawson Post-Concert Sets

- Emotion graduated to mega-emotion as Pablo Das and Kimya Dawson performed powerful songs both separately and together.