Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kimya Coming to 3LD

Dawson Performs with Hallie's Comets (7-10 PM)
Followed by sets from Kimya Dawson & Pablo Das

Kimya Dawson

Many of Kimya Dawson’s legion of enthusiasts have gotten to know her songs after hearing them in the movie Juno, adding to a devoted following who have enjoyed her albums, both solo and as one half of The Moldy Peaches.

Through her songs, Kimya delivers a message of love and caring for people, for animals, and for our planet. She and Hallie are kindred spirits.

Kimya Dawson has a deep connection to LOVE, HALLIE and Hallie's family. Although she never met Hallie, Kimya performed in LOVE, HALLIE's Halliestock festivals in 2004 and 2005. She invited MJ's sister's band, Kassandra, to open her first concert at The Knitting Factory in New York in 2005 (MJ was 15 at the time).

In 2005, Kimya and MJ co-wrote and recorded the song "12/26" about the Tsunami tragedy. That song appears on Kimya's CD, Remember That I Love You, and Kimya included an excerpt of Hallie's essay One Super Power (see below) in the centerfold of the CD.

When Kimya heard about Hallie's 18th Birthday Celebration Concert on Facebook, she immediately posted that she would fly from her Seattle home to be here. M.J. Geier says, "Kimya is like a part of the Geier family, in the best sense of that word."

That family feeling continues during Hallie's 18th Birthday Celebration Concert at 3LD (Three Legged Dog) Art and Technology Center. Kimya will perform with Hallie's Comets (7-10 PM), followed by sets from Kimya and Pablo Das.

All music is open to the public as we invite to help celebrate Hallie's birthday!

"If humans could have one super power, what would it be? I have finally decided that it would be the power to see things from another's perspective. You could be in a war and hear the enemy's mind praying to make it home safe. There wouldn't be as many wars."

- One Super Power, Hallie Geier

Moldy Peaches on ABC's The View (2008)

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Unknown said...

I am so excited for tomorrow. It is going to be AMAZING! And thanks to Kimya the music will keep on chuggin' along after the fantastic Hallie's Comets perform!