Monday, August 16, 2010


As we're 48 hours away from the celebration, let's get in the mood with some of our Hallie favorites.

Post a quick Favorite Hallie Memory by clicking this and opening the comment section.

Or click here and read some of her writings, some of which will be recited Wednesday night, and comment on which piece you like, and why.

Get ready to live, laugh and love!


Gorilla said...

"My sister and I are really close," is something that speaks to me.

As an older brother, my sister and I have grown closer over the years.

I can hear her talking to me through Hallie...and I look forward to being there for my little sister Janet.

"Always has been, always will be."

Anonymous said...

not sure if we can make have a great time as Hallie continues to live on!

Ted Geier said...

Prior to nursery school, Hallie’s mind is already spinning. For example, she informs us:

“I know what a wonder-bra is. It’s a bra that wonders. It wonders things like can an egg hatch itself.”

At age two, annoyed that her mom is insisting that she wear a coat since “it’s cold,” she says: “Mommy, I’m not you! I don’t have your tests!”

When speaking to me on the phone: “Daddy, can you see me? Well, can you see my ear?”

This verbatim dialogue takes place at age three:

Hallie: My doll doesn’t like you, Mommy.

Sofia: Why?

Hallie: She doesn’t like me either. But I love her.

Sofia: That’s very unusual for a doll not to love a sweet little girl.

Hallie: She thinks it’s not appropriate for me to like her or her to like me. She’s very rude. She doesn’t listen when I talk.

And, as she hands Sofia a piece of paper that she has scribbled over to the point of oblivion:

“Mommy, I HATE this picture of me, it makes me look FAT!”

In the half-second that Sofia is considering a reaction, she notices that the scribbled-on piece of paper is our 1996 I.R.S. tax refund check.

When Hallie is a toddler, she enjoys stacking blocks in tall towers – she has a great sense of balance.

In nursery school, Hallie loves a little boy named Joey. As do several other girls. There is lots of excitement as they try to figure out who Joey will eventually marry. First, she informs us that Joey is going to her marry her. Then, there is devastating news: “Joey’s not going to be my husband any more. He’s going to marry Claire.” When I meet Joey, he seems mute and interested only in a spot on the floor, but evidently he is an ambitious guy, as he reportedly tells Hallie that he is going to marry her after all, along with two other girls, and this is fine with her. She tells us: “Joey’s going to marry me after all. And Claire. And Jennifer. He’s going to marry all three of us! He promised. For real. In real life.” She tells us during one school break, referring to Joey, “If I don’t see my lover boy when I get back to school, I’m going to scream.”

Unknown said...

These are wonderful memories :)

Sarah Weiss said...

"Hallie Memory"

Shiny gold with tassels on top, it is a party favor, a balloon weight perhaps. At first glance it is merely an object but within my hands its captures a special moment; the last time I saw you. Aunt Joan and Uncle Walter’s leap year party, you we’re wearing a floral dress. Sitting next to M..J on the floor, I wanted so eagerly to introduce myself, or rather reintroduce myself. “Remember that one time?” I would say. “When we jumped off the diving board together?”. Such a simple yet anticipated task. Sitting by the edge of the pool, we childishly scoffed our hot dogs. We watched this one girl do a series of jumps off the diving board, astonished, we couldn’t believe she wasn’t even using floaties. We we’re speechless; envious. Inspired would be a better choice of diction, because at that moment you grabbed my hand and pulled me in her general direction. We lingered by the pool, our reckless innocence had been aroused. “Life is about taking risks” you stated and assured me we would not let anything happen to each other. You jumped in the pool holding onto the edge. I inched my way across the diving board, nervous energy harbored in my body. I cautiously tilted my head; you gave me a little head nod. I jumped. Sure enough when I emerged from the water you we’re right there to help me. I know we didn’t know each other that well, but actions speak louder than words, so in a sense I do know you well because you did so many extraordinary things within the time span of eleven years. Even though that balloon weight is inanimate and I never got the chance to tell you this in person, every time I take a risk, every time I do something positive, every time I help others, every time I make a difference, every time I do something simple, yet so meaningful, I will always remember you.

Blerina Shala said...

My favorite memory with Hallie was when I slept over her house in the third grade. It was my first sleepover. I'll never forget the fun we had and the games we played. My second favorite was when we went to meet Hilary Duff and see the premier of "The Lizzie Mcguire Movie". We did so much that day. We even shared my first root beer together that day. It's twi of my favorite childhood memories. She someone i'll never forget. She will always be my best friend because she was my first best friend that showed me meaning to having a friend. I wil always remember you Hallie.